The Reason Why…

Hey Everyone!

So I’m sure you’ve all seen my posts about this crazy idea I have about doing 12 half marathons in 12 months…insane I know!

I’m not sure that many people know the reason why though, and there is a method in the madness I promise. It all started 2 years ago..

My family has always been mad about running and fitness, I went to the gym but I never really fit in when it came to the running, I didn’t understand why they would want to do that?! They have all run marathons and started to do half marathons as the training, my dad used to say that they were good fun (I didn’t believe him at the time).

My cousin then became pregnant and to cut a long story short..she gave birth to her gorgeous baby boy 2 months early…on her wedding day! So to celebrate the birth of gorgeous Alfie the family decided to sign up to do the Great Cumbrian Run and I was guilt tripped into doing it as I was the only one left who hadn’t signed up. Well I can honestly say it was not as fun as everyone made out, but I cannot explain the feeling of crossing the finish line, being given the medal knowing you’ve just ran 13.1 miles. I have so much respect for marathon runners because even now I still don’t think I could do it.

So that’s where my addiction started, and Aunty Lynda was by my side..even after she had finished she would come back for me every time!

She wouldn’t lie either..I remember she said “Becki, the last mile is horrible, it’s not nice but you just have to keep going!”

She then set up this idea of doing 12 in 12 months, and she was smashing them..and then once we had come back from Disney I was told the news she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But what the most shocking thing about this is..she ran Disney AND the Great Cumbrian half a week later. The woman is a hero.

Please follow her Instagram – lynda_watt

After her diagnosis she couldn’t finish her 12 in 12 months, so I made the decision to finish it for her. If she can do it so can I and I’m going to make her and the whole family proud (if I make it! 😂)…..wish me luck!!

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