I thought I would do a post on the training that I’ve done for the start of the runs because I haven’t posted it anywhere (apart from snapchat…sorry 😁) and its been pretty intense. 

So I had the idea to do this around September time, before Disney as I had already done 4 runs in 4 months, so I thought hey why not carry it on, but then after when I heard the news about Lynda I thought no, I need to make this into a public thing and raise as much money as I can. It was meant to start in January, makes sense doesn’t it? But things never go to plan… 

A day before my birthday (December) I thought oops, I’m meant to start running in a month and I’ve done nothing since my London run, so being the trooper I am I went out at 9 in the morning and planned to run whilst my mum and Aunty took the dogs round the woods. My first song hadn’t even finished and I fell…pretty badly too so that screwed over my training plans, I had MAJOR cankle issues.

After an un-wanted trip to the doctors I was told not to run for 6 weeks which was incredibly inconvenient because January was meant to be run number 1, so it was put off until February. 

As I couldn’t run through December this is when I realised that January was going to be tough to get my fitness where it needs to be to start speeding up a little bit. So for 7 weeks my routine has been: 

Monday – 6am 3 mile run & spin in the evening 

Tuesday – Muscle session in the evening

Wednesday – 6am 3 mile run & body pump in the evening

Thursday – Cardio at the gym

Friday: 6am 3 mile run 

Saturday – I was resting but recently I’ve thrown in the Park Runs

Sunday – Muscle session & a longer run

I think it’s fair to say I’ve done pretty well, and I’m so surprised there hasn’t been one week I have skipped anything. The weather hasn’t always been on my side for the morning runs either, some mornings at the start were -3 degrees, when I wake up and its 3 degrees outside I feel like it’s a summers day. There was recently a Park Run where I actually ran in the snow.. but the Half Marathons will go ahead whatever the weather so I just had to deal with it. 

I feel like I’m finally prepared for a run as some of them have been a disaster in the past (one was done with a hangover) and I think I could finally start to beat some PB’s. 

The first run is in a week…so here we go!

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