Race 2 – North London

2 weeks after race 1 and race 2 is crossed off the list.

I’m still not sure how I feel about this race..whether it was good or bad 🤔

My alarm went off at 5:00am which for a Sunday (again) is disgusting and as I’ve stated before should be illegal. It was just me and my Dad this time, unfortunately Suzanne who was also doing 12 in 12 months with me broke her foot and trolling round London on crutches on her own wouldn’t have been very nice. I had to sleep in the car on the way there, it’s far too tiring being awake that early.

We arrived in plenty of time, with an hour to go before the race started we got to wander around Wembley and take some photos of the empty stadium before the excitement of the race kicked in. As a football fan – standing in the seating area and knowing you’re going to be running through such an iconic stadium was incredible. IMG_3275.JPG

So the walk down Wembley way began – this is actually where the race started, and it was rammed. Thousands of runners and supporters stood there whilst music was playing – the atmosphere was incredible. Dad was in his element – all I kept hearing was ‘Becki take a photo of this, oh and this, let’s get a selfie’.


Selfies taken, headphones once again in and the race started.

I thought that Thorpe Park was a hilly route – oh I was wrong. Every mile there was a steep hill that I attempted to run up but I knew it would take away all my energy. So I walked up almost all of them – but I made sure I sprinted down them to make up a bit of time (I probably looked like a crazy person uncontrollably running down these ridiculously steep hills)

You ran up to Allianz Park which was the half way point, and you ran on the track. After all of the hills this was an amazing break on your legs. There was a half way point screen that came up with your name as you ran past which was a nice little push to keep going. There was also a Lucozade stand – I grabbed 2 cups 🙃 – which was a bad idea because I once again had to stop for a wee.

Mile 9 & 10 also had a Lucozade stand but I limited myself to 1 cup this time AND we were really spoilt with a cup of jelly babies.

At mile 12, I was expecting my normal call from my Dad asking where I was so he could walk back to get me (which he has done every single race)…and he hadn’t rang. I was getting a bit worried but then he called when I’d passed 12.5, he asked me where I was and before I could say “don’t worry about getting me dad I’m so close now” he said “I can’t leave the stadium so I have to stay here, I’ll be at the finish line”. Cheers Dad 👍🏻 I knew this was because he wanted to stay in there – I don’t blame him to be honest.

Crossing the finish line was incredible, even though it wasn’t even a quarter full, to know people in the stands were cheering as you ran across felt amazing & I can see why it’s called the greatest finish line in the world. I did this race in 2:52 which is still very slow, but it’s a PB for me and considering I walked up all the hills & stopped for the toilet I am extremely proud I shaved 5 minutes off the race from 2 weeks ago.

So that’s 2 out of 12 completed. I’ve now got a lovely 6 week break before the next one. Where I will get to see my amazing Aunty – the reason why I’m doing this and I CANNOT wait 💜

4 thoughts on “Race 2 – North London

  1. I felt quite emotional at the end of this Bex. I can’t tell you how proud of you I am and what an amazing thing it is it you are doing . ❤❤


  2. What a fantastic place for your second half marathon and how about that personal best time!! You are doing so well and it’s onwards and upwards from now on.


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