The 6 Week Break

I didn’t think I would miss running as much as I have in the past 6 weeks. The buzz of race day and receiving the medal, I’ve felt a bit lost. However I’ve kept myself occupied with plenty of things – not too much running though (oops).

So firstly, I lost my job – which wasn’t the greatest start to my nice relaxing break. So the stress of finding a new job kind of took over, we did however have a lovely send off where lots of food and alcohol was involved – feels strange not driving to the office anymore, but onwards and upwards as they say!

The crazy Basildon crew (well half of us anyway)

I had a nostalgic moment and fancied having a go on my sisters horse as I used to ride as a child. So as I left my dad said “Becki, please be careful you have a half marathon in a few weeks you can’t afford to fall off and have an injury”. I was like whatevs Dad I know what I’m doing – well that was incorrect as I was going too fast on a canter, couldn’t slow down & fell off! My spectators got amusement from it but I’m not going to lie…it kind of hurt!


I realised I was still on a body modification buzz and got a new tattoo for my best friends birthday.

I went to junkyard golf, and day drank which wasn’t the best idea as I got far too drunk on cocktails and had another round to do in the evening! I didn’t feel too great the next day as you can imagine.

I then got to go on an amazing 2 week holiday to see my beautiful French family and considering I had lost my job, found a new one & have to drive to London every day this was my chance to relax. I ate way too much french bread, nearly every day there was a baguette in the house, I ate too many desserts and too many sweets and chocolate! I did however run every day knowing I only had 2 more weeks and my run is finally here. It was tough to find the motivation to, especially on the mornings where it was warm and all I wanted to do was sleep a bit more to prepare myself for the tough day of sunbathing, but I made it. There was also a huge hill about 1 mile long which I managed to run 3/4 of the way up by the end of the 2 weeks which was a big achievement for me – I HATE hills.


To finish my amazing 6 weeks off I took on the challenge of Go Ape which is such an amazing day out! Perfect for an adrenaline junkie like me.

Now it’s a waiting game until race number 3, which is in the Lake District so it’s going to be beautiful & I get to see my absolutely incredible Aunty who is the reason for all of this!

See you at the finish line 😬

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