Race 6 – Southend


A bit of shocker for half way but wow what an achievement so far!

So 1 week after Hadrian’s Wall I made the great decision to go on holiday (but it was 100% worth it).

The training was non-existent, too much french bread & cake but what a week of fun! My family luckily live out there so it’s a holiday but with a touch of family and I love it. My friend Hannah came and we ended up in hospital as she may have broken her foot (I’m starting to see a trend but I’m not ready to admit I’m the problem just yet).


Thank you for an amazing week family. Love you all!

So, back to the reason why we’re all here. Sunday’s run.

I like to make excuses for my shocking performances and these are just a few –

  • I have an awful cold
  • I had a weeks holiday
  • The hardest run yet was only 2 weeks ago

That’s enough complaining though.

Lynda had travelled down from Carlisle to come and watch the run, she was meant to be running but she had low blood pressure and felt very ill so she made the right and sensible decision to be a supporter. Suzanne came along with the doggies and they were amazing supporters, handing me water & fruit pastels. Hannah also came along (on her own, I cannot thank her enough that was so lovely and I love you. I also think it’s because she couldn’t stay away from me after having 6 days – it wasn’t enough for her).

Me and dad were at the start line with about 5 minutes to go before the start and I now know where I get my time keeping from. The route is possibly the easiest one out of all 12, it’s my home town, it’s got lovely views of the sea BUT it was so hot, half way it was already at 22 degrees which for me who is a very hot person anyway, I just couldn’t handle it plus I have a very bad cold/cough. I’m pretty sure I was wheezing very loudly because around 1.5 miles in a fellow runner tapped me on the shoulder and told me water was just up ahead which wasn’t embarrassing at all.


Around every mile there was water and cold buckets with wet sponges in for you to squeeze over your head which people took full advantage of, but because of the amount of water I drank..I shockingly had to stop for a wee.

The support this year was a lot more impressive than last year, there were people everywhere along the route constantly cheering, and the stewards were so complimentary saying how well we were doing in the heat. You had strangers standing outside with their hose pipes making  little fountain for us runners to go through. It was a great atmosphere and I don’t think I will ever get bored of it.

I’m so incredibly proud of how much progress I have made so far. In 6 months I’ve beaten a PB twice, ran the 2 hardest half marathons in the country, my body is changing with every single run & my training is on top form. With all them positives in mind the biggest positive is to be able to say that I’m running for an amazing charity, running for an amazing woman who despite everything she has gone through still stands on the sidelines of my runs and has the biggest smile on her face and I admire that spark. Her energy and positivity gets me through every single 5am wake up for the gym, runs down the seafront and these tough half marathons.

I also would like to thank my amazing dad who has ran every one with me so far, done all of the driving to them, listened to me moaning on the way there, moaning on the way back, his honesty with telling me how much I smell. I don’t think I would have made such progress so far if it wasn’t for you. Thank you & I love you.


Southend, you were a great half way point. Bring on Clacton for number 7 (V festival weekend – uh oh!)


2 thoughts on “Race 6 – Southend

  1. Half Way 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟So proud of you . Amazing achievement. Soooo hot on Sunday ☀️Especially for a northern supporter 🤣Love You xxx

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