Race 9 – Cumbria

2 half marathons in a week…Completed it.

So not even a week after Disney, Saturday morning Dad and I were up at the crack of dawn (like I’m not up at 4am enough) driving up to Carlisle. We always arrive for breakfast and we always have a nice fry up waiting for us, it’s part of our weekend traditions.

Saturday was a great day, I got to spend the day with the beautiful Alfie & Arlo as Lynda was on baby sitting duties which was perfect for preparing for the next days run. I was full of cold and could not stop coughing since Disney so I was trying to rest as much as I could. I was quite looking forward to the run as me, dad and Aunty Lynda were booked in, Aunty Helen then surprises me by signing up as she wasn’t sure she was going to do it in Disney however I was getting nervous having only done one the week before. My cousin Nico decides to sign up as well so we had a nice big group of us running this one which is always lovely.


Saturday evening comes and we always get an Indian (again another Carlisle tradition, a curry the night before a half marathon and the emergency Imodium was out) and off we all go to bed.

I wake up Sunday morning still absolutely full of cold, walk into the kitchen to no one being awake which I found odd and then I noticed Lynda’s car wasn’t on the drive. My immediate thought was ‘she’s done a runner, I would as well’ but then she pulled up with Nico and came indoors in a fluster saying ‘I got a text at 11:10 last night, Uncle David has done a last-minute sign up’ so she was out getting his emergency number! So there was a whole crew of us running now, might as well make it a family event.


Now this run was very special to all of us in a few different ways; the first being this was my first ever half marathon 2 years ago, and now I’m on my 14th and I think I can honestly say I’m starting to enjoy them. The second (and most important reason) is this was the half marathon 1 year ago Lynda was running knowing her lump was breast cancer, you can’t even imagine what could have been going through her head yet there she was on the starting line stronger than ever and again only having ran Disney 1 week prior. Even just that story is enough to make you realise how amazing this woman is let alone what she’s achieved this year.

The route was harder than I remembered, lots of hills (AGAIN! I need to learn my lesson and stop booking northern runs) although I handled them well I  feel like especially with how much I was struggling to breathe but it is such a lovely run and I will probably do this one yearly.

The plan was for Helen, Lynda & I to run together but those 2 were feeling the pain of only running a half marathon the week before and had to keep at their own pace and as I was walking up the hills I said just go on without me and I will see you at the finish line. Apart from the hills nothing really exciting happened on the run itself, it’s just very scenic and you kind of just go into a peaceful zone. Towards the end I saw a woman being sick collapsed at about mile 11, I felt so awful for her being that close to the end, made me realise maybe my cold wasn’t as bad as it seemed #dramaqueen.

I ran past the best supporters who were all cheering me on, it makes it so much better with all your family around you, they just give you the extra push to sprint to the end..I mean look at how cute they all are?!

2 hours and 47 minutes later and I had my medal, now I know that time is slow however considering the hills & my cold I was only 5 minutes off my PB from Disney AND I ran that the week before. People talk about a race where all of a sudden something clicks and you get faster and faster … I’m hoping mines happened.


So that’s race number 9 completed, I can’t believe I only have 3 left?! The next race is 5 weeks away so.. I’ll speak to you all then! Bye Bye for now

P.S – 10th November we are holding a charity quiz night at the ambleside social club, ambleside drive, southend. Its going to be an evening of fun, quizzing & live music.. we have the best Neil Diamond singer this side of the pond plus hopfully a few special guests so feel free to contact me for details, I’d love to see everyone there!

One thought on “Race 9 – Cumbria

  1. You are a star Bex. What an amazing run with so many of your family running and supporting you. Another great blog and once again a very proud aunty. ❤️

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