Race 10 – The Poppy Run

What another amazing weekend for my 10th run to fall on, Remembrance Day ❤️.

The six weeks between this and my previous run felt like a lifetime, I think because I am so close to the end everything just seems to be taking forever.

Friday evening I held a Quiz Night to raise some money and awareness to Breast Cancer and the task I am completing. I was apprehensive as I couldn’t seem to rally in the numbers to make the night a success, my parent’s friends gladly stepped in and helped me gather a crowd selling tickets and handing out flyers for me (special shout out to Sue, thank you!!!). I had organised raffle prizes, my dad arranged the venue and some live music & an old family friend helped write the quiz, it came together perfectly (another shout to Hannah helping me all day Friday as I was a disorganised mess as always).


The amount of people that turned up to support me was just incredible and I cannot thank everyone enough that were involved in the evening for making it so special and rewarding for me! An amazing £850 was raised and I’m still so shocked at how well the evening went. As for the quiz – my team came last and I still don’t think I’m ready to talk about it just yet.



So the race was on Armistice Day, the poppy half marathon in Bexhill-on Sea which was the day after our quiz, Dad had 1 too many Guinness’s as usual but luckily the race didn’t start until 12:30pm so he had time to sober up in the morning (I seriously do not know how he does it, especially after experiencing it at V!). My race planning leaves a lot to be desired ! The atmosphere in this race was so lovely, there was a 2 minute silence at the start of the race which was quite emotional followed by the playing of the last post and there were so many runners (I can only assume from the forces) running with heavy bags & full army uniform.

The race itself was extremely boring, at the mile 3 mark we had 9 & 12 mile sign post as well, so 3 laps of the same route in total…it wasn’t fun and the fact I once again was full of cold (I work in schools and around children so I’m blaming them). Going back to men in uniform, the whole way I saw an elderly man running in full WW1 uniform, I wanted to stop for a selfie because this man was just incredible however dad beat me to it! We watched him cross the finish line and they announced that he had ran every single race so far and this year was the 10th anniversary so I’m glad we managed to hear that.


So another great weekend for me, I can’t believe there are only 2 runs left! I have had such an amazing year but I can’t wait for them to be over and start celebrating my accomplishments. It still hasn’t quite hit me how many people are amazed by this challenge, to me it just feels normal now and I’m not sure how I will cope with no more running (well, that’s a lie because I know I will continue, who wouldn’t with medals like I have?!)



The next run is in Leeds, the “grim up north” Christmas half marathon which is actually on my 25th birthday weekend…so I will be looking forward to experiencing that one *insert sarcasm here* 🙄 another great planning decision on my part ! But the positive twist is that my Aunty Lynda, Aunty Helen, Uncle Dave, my cousin Emily and fiancée Tom will be joining us on the run so another fun family affair.  Bye for now!



4 thoughts on “Race 10 – The Poppy Run

  1. Another fantastic run and very special as it was on Armistice DAY. CONGRATULATIONS on raising so much money with your quiz evening and well done to all your little helpers!!! How amazing that you have already run 10 races already and only tow more to go. Lots of love from Grandmaxxx

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  2. Another great run and a great blog Bex… congratulations on the money raised at the quiz night! 🍾🎉 . You might think what you are doing is normal but for the rest of us what you are doing is amazing!!! Love you loads ❤️💞 Xx

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