Race 12 – Barcelona

WOW WOW WOW is all I can say for the last race of my 12 half marathons! I have been to Barcelona before but I don’t think it quite compares to this weekend. Also – this will be a long and photo filled blog. Just to warn you lovely readers. The initial plan was for […]

Race 11 – It’s Grim Up North

-3 Degrees is all I’m saying… So this was a very disturbing weekend for me. It was my 25th birthday on Friday which was perfect, my fabulous Aunty was home from France for the week and as I wasn’t working I got to spend every day with her. My Mum, Sister, Aunty & I went […]

Race 10 – The Poppy Run

What another amazing weekend for my 10th run to fall on, Remembrance Day ❤️. The six weeks between this and my previous run felt like a lifetime, I think because I am so close to the end everything just seems to be taking forever. Friday evening I held a Quiz Night to raise some money and […]

Race 9 – Cumbria

2 half marathons in a week…Completed it. So not even a week after Disney, Saturday morning Dad and I were up at the crack of dawn (like I’m not up at 4am enough) driving up to Carlisle. We always arrive for breakfast and we always have a nice fry up waiting for us, it’s part […]

Race 7 – Clacton

I said to myself at the beginning of all of these runs, my life is going to be taken over by training and running, which it has during the week but I’ve come to realise a lot of people can run half marathons but can many say they’ve been to V festival in the same weekend. […]

Race 6 – Southend

HALF WAY!!! A bit of shocker for half way but wow what an achievement so far! So 1 week after Hadrian’s Wall I made the great decision to go on holiday (but it was 100% worth it). The training was non-existent, too much french bread & cake but what a week of fun! My family […]

Race 5 – Hadrians Wall

Let me just start off by saying this was not a half marathon, this was a fell run that just happened to be 13.1 miles. And I can confirm I am NOT a fell runner – I’m hardly a road runner! This was a very quiet weekend compared to our normal visits up north. Saturday […]

Race 4 – Liverpool

WOW, is all I can say to this weekend. It has been absolutely incredible and I have my beautiful family to thank for that. It was a weekend of celebration and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Us Johnson’s drove up to Yorkshire on Friday evening to stay in a beautiful Marriott hotel where the […]

Race 3 – Keswick

Update – http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/15262471.Inspirational_aunt_diagnosed_with_cancer_during_12_half_marathon_bid___so_niece_steps_in_to_finish/ I made the local newspaper!! (Before I begin I would like to stress there will be a lot of photos) Wow. Is all I can say about this weekend, there really are no words to describe it as there was so many emotions for lots of different reasons. Lets start with the journey […]